Scent Family




  • FRUIT - Fresh sun-ripen and fresh squeezed fruit. Includes strawberry, peach, apple, watermelon & mango scents.


  • CITRUS - Sparkling classic & refreshing scents, includes orange, grapefruit, and lemon fruit scents.


  • FLORAL - Tropical and fresh cut floral scents. Includes, rose, lilac, hibiscus & gardenia scents.


  • FRESH - Spa-like, beach & sunny. Includes fresh linen, lavender, mint and Zen scents.


  • WOODS - Full-bodied masculine and nature like scents. Includes evergreen, sandalwood, pine, cedar and leather scents.


  • SPICE - Warm comforting and cozy. Includes cinnamon, cardamom, patchouli & clove scents


  • BAKERY - Edibles and fresh backed scents. Essentially, anything that reminds you of food. Includes vanilla, caramel, cocoas and pie scents.