The Gentry Gents Collection Fragrance Guide

The lightest of the Gentry Gents Collection, the Bachelor boasts a plethora of clean and refreshing citrus scents. The Bachelor is perfect for anyone looking for a revitalizing aroma. Its top notes are made up of the unique floral and spicy fragrance of bergamot, combined with bright lime and earthy grass. The middle notes create a clean layer of woodsy green leaves and light cucumber. And at the base of the Bachelor is a soft blend of clean floral bamboo balancing feminine violet. Fun and free, the Bachelor of the most exciting member of the Gentry Gents Collection.

Scent Family: Citrus

Top: Bergamont, Lime & Grass
Middle: Green Leaves & Cucumber
Base: Bamboo & Violet


The Clean Cut candle is built on a foundation of wealth and power. At its base is the scent of oud, the most expensive wood in the word, estimated to be 1.5 times the value of gold. Its sweet and woodsy scent is then carefully combined with earthy light and dark musks and bold rum. Instantly softening the base notes is luscious and seductive tonka and sweet balsam. Finally are the softer top notes of powder, giving the Clean Cut candle its namesake, and fruity and nutty amaretto. Complex, yet polished, the Clean Cut is perfect for individuals with fragrance sensitivities. 

Scent Family: Woods
Top: Powder & Amaretto
Middle: Tonka & Balsam 
Base: Rum, Light Musk, Dark Musk & Oud


The captivating Hunt. The Hunt first captures its audience with the enchanting top notes of purifying sage, refreshing orange and invigorating grapefruit. Next is the calming middle of note of lavender that relaxes the room. The Hunt then lures with the natural and earthy scents of oak moss, amber and sweet tonka bean. Purifying, earthy and sweet, the Hunt captures and keeps. 

Scent Family: Fresh
Top: Sage, Orange & Grapefruit
Middle: Lavender
Base: Oakmoss, Amber & Tonka Bean


The King candle is the crowned head of the Gentry Gents Collection. Multi-directional, the King is built on a foundation of the rich and alluring woodsy scent of mahogany and the more complex teakwood. The woodsy compound is soften by the warm and comforting vanilla top note. And finally, the blend is bridged with the woodsy and earthy scent of musk. The King is masculine, and clean. A bestseller and favorite amongst the Gentry Gents. 

Scent Family: Woods
Top: Vanilla
Middle: Musk 
Base: Mahogany Teakwood


Serene and mystifying, the Man Cave is a perplexing combination of sweet, spice and Earth. The Man Cave opens up a blend of diverse layers, perfect for individuals who like complex fragrances. The top note of creamy and sweet vanilla sets the tone, relaxing the room and inviting the spicy scent and healing properties of clove. Last is the rugged scent of dogwood, summoning notes of the Earth to ground the space. Said to be an amazing option for creative quarters, the Man Cave candle forces the scenes to tune in. Another fantastic option for individuals with fragrance sensitivities. 

Scent Family: Spice
Top: Vanilla
Middle: Clove
Base: Dogwood


The gentleman of Gentry Gents Collection, the Suit & Tie candle is a perfect balance of sweet and sophisticated. The tobacco bottom note is anything but smokey and chemical, but rather sweet and floral with a spicy, woodsy and earthy aroma. The middle rose note works to even out the woodsy scent of the tobacco, while the smell of rose oil works at reducing anxiety and stress. It ends on a sweeter note, creamy and calming. Even and balanced, the Suit & Tie is a favorite with men and women and perfect for individuals with fragrance sensitivities. 

Scent Family: Woods
Top: Sweet Milk
Middle: Rose 
Base: Tobacco